How To Improve The Golfer’s Impact Through Better Connection With The Ground



  • The Key Concepts to increase both distance and accuracy
  • The Tools Used to improve the relationship between impact and ground forces
  • The Pitfalls To Avoid that rob players of distance
  • Case Studies From Real Golfers

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  • Players
  • Instructors

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Impact Analysis & Ground Forces was recorded at the Golf Swing Symposium in Westchester, New York. The symposium discussed the latest discoveries and techniques from ongoing research of the golf swing world wide.

Mike presented this information to both players and coaches, including renowned instructors from both the Golf Magazine Top 100 and the Golf Digest Top 50.

The list of presenters also included Brian Manzella, a Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor; Michael Jacobs, the 2012 Metropolitan Section PGA Teacher of the Year; and Matthew Rudy, Golf Digest senior writer and author of more than 20 golf books.